Steve McIntosh

Following the Prime Directive: An Integral Look at Global Governance


This is the fifth in our series of interviews with integral thinker Steve McIntosh. To listen to the whole series, click on the links below:

The Integralist View
Stages of Development
Birth of the Integral Worldview
Applied Integralism

Integral wunderkind Steve McIntosh and WIE editor Carter Phipps explore the concept of global governance from an integral point of view. The idea of a global legislative, judicial, financial, and military body is not exactly new—consider the United Nations (and the League of Nations before that) or NATO or the European Union. But for every new era, the fundamental concepts and organizing principles of these high-minded bodies must evolve and adapt to keep apace—or better yet, keep ahead—of the changing life conditions of the planet's populace. Integral thinker Steve McIntosh has applied his intellectual knowledge and practical inclinations to formulate an approach to global governance based on the insights of modern developmental theories like Spiral Dynamics and the big-perspective inclusivity of integral philosophy. In part one of this Unbound dialogue, McIntosh delves into the worldcentric morality that underpins his concept of global governance, and discusses some of the practical manifestations of that perspective. In part two, Phipps and McIntosh discuss the current situation in Iraq and then explore the ways such failures might be better addressed by a sophisticated, modern, and truly integral global government.

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