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Steve McIntosh

Stages of Development


This is the second in our series of interviews with integral thinker Steve McIntosh. To listen to the whole series, click on the links below:

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Steve McIntosh is a man of many talents—a lawyer, inventor, entrepreneur—and, we've discovered, one of today's most inspired integral thinkers. His forthcoming book, Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution, promises to be a high-level entry into the frothy, fertile world of integral thought, analysis, and real-time application. In this interview with WIE's Carter Phipps, McIntosh explains the first five stages in his unique, consciousness-centric application of the Gravesian spiral of development. Moving up the spiral, from archaic to postmodern consciousness, the conversation is a fast-moving vehicle, covering detailed explanations of each stage and brimming with illuminating historical examples and relevant current events, such as the war in Iraq and Islamic extremism. His apparently unlimited grasp of human history, philosophy, literature, and art provides plenty of fuel for this supercharged conversation, bringing coherence, clarity, and structure to a profound exposition of the basic building blocks of human consciousness.

To see Steve’s spiral of development graphic, click here.

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