Andrew Cohen & Rupert Sheldrake

Changing Kosmic Habits - Part Two


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Following last week’s synergistic exchange between pioneering British biologist Rupert Sheldrake and WIE founder and editor in chief Andrew Cohen, we bring you Part Two of the two-part video of their investigation into the nature and development of consciousness.

Sheldrake is an innovative if unconventional scientist. In addition to studying plants and animals, he researches psychic phenomena and metaphysics as he strives to fathom the furthest reaches of consciousness. Indeed, his theory of “morphic fields” is founded on the understanding that consciousness is not just in our heads but is really located between living organisms. Cohen’s boundary-breaking career as a spiritual teacher and cultural philosopher is fueled by a passionate interest in the evolution of consciousness, which inspires his enthusiastic engagement with leading-edge thinkers, like Sheldrake, in all disciplines.

In this week’s release Sheldrake and Cohen open their discussion to questions from the audience. Ranging across such fundamental concepts as the evolving nature of habits, the relationship between structures in consciousness and the developmental process, the phenomenon of interiority and where it lies, and the pervasiveness of materialist thought in contemporary culture, their replies take the ideas they’ve been exchanging out of the realm of theory and into the practicality of our everyday lives. At the heart of their conversation is the mutual recognition that, in the end, it is up to each one of us to take responsibility for the change in consciousness that has to happen if our hope for an enlightened future is to become reality.

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Recorded on: 12/30/2007


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Changing Kosmic Habits - Part Two

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