Rupert Sheldrake & Andrew Cohen

Changing Kosmic Habits - Part One


This week, we’re very pleased to present the first part of a special two-part release featuring one of WIE’s favorite scientific pioneers, British biologist Rupert Sheldrake.

Ever wondered if there’s a scientific basis for that uncanny sense that someone is staring at your back? Or why dogs often seem to know ahead of time when their owners are coming home? Inspired by questions like these, Sheldrake’s research into psychic phenomena has earned him an international reputation for producing intriguing and unexpected results—and has elicited no small share of controversy. For Sheldrake, what goes on in consciousness between living organisms is at least as interesting as what goes on inside them. And according to his theories, consciousness is not just in our heads, but is really located within “morphic fields” in which all living organisms are embedded.

Recently, Sheldrake engaged in a free-spirited investigation into the nature and development of consciousness with WIE founder Andrew Cohen, whose own passionate interest in the evolution of consciousness has fueled more than twenty years of work as a boundary-breaking spiritual teacher and cultural philosopher. This week’s video features the first half of their conversation, bringing to light many of the topics that have occupied these two original thinkers throughout their careers: the structures or habits that develop in consciousness, the way those patterns express themselves in culture, and why this moment in history is now calling each of us to consciously create new habits that can lead us toward a more enlightened future.

(To watch sections 3 and 4 of this dialogue click here.)

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Recorded on: 12/7/2007


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Changing Kosmic Habits - Part One

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