Jim Garrison & Brother Wayne Teasdale

Is God a Pacifist?

If you've been following the progress of our inquiry, you may have already listened to our most recent audio releases in which Dr. Marc Gopin and Dr. Michael Nagler establish the philosophical and religious underpinnings of pacifism and nonviolence. But what of the question itself: Is God a pacifist? In this latest release, WIE Unbound presents two noted theologians and their distinctly different points of view. Jim Garrison contends that the way to define God is in terms of his “works,” and the created universe, according to Garrison, is a hazardous place ruled by chaotic and violent processes. God, situated at the heart of it all, cannot, therefore, be seen as fundamentally pacific in nature. Taking an opposing view, lay monk Wayne Teasdale believes that God's nature is one of ultimate goodness, defined by the embodiment of perfection and harmony at the highest level. In this view, violence, particularly within the realm of human life, stems not from God but from our ignorance of God.

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Is God a Pacifist?