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Andrew Cohen & Ken Wilber

Guru and the Pandit, Live in Denver: Part 2


In this second set of videos featuring the Guru and the Pandit, recorded live in Denver, Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber field a broad range of questions and concerns from members of Wilber's Integral Institute. From the simply curious—“Are there positive forms of ego?”—to the intensely personal—“What does spiritual practice have to do with the emotional challenges in my life?”—the teacher-student encounters presented here are raw and real, confrontational and uplifting. They directly convey the bold, evolving vision of spiritual life these two luminaries are creating and represent a bold departure from the East-meets-West fusion that has dominated the alternative spiritual movement for the last thirty years.

The Guru and the Pandit is a central pillar of every issue of What is Enlightenment? magazine. Featuring WIE founder and pioneering teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment Andrew Cohen and integral philosopher and founder of Integral Institute Ken Wilber, these dialogues explore the contours of the Kosmos, from the broad strokes of evolution's arc to the subtlest strands of human spiritual experience. Together, they seek—and find—new and creative avenues of engagement with the manifest structures of consciousness itself—and then proceed to move them forward.

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