Jakob von Uexkull

Building the Global Future: A Call to Action

A Voices from the Edge event in London


Visionary social activist Jakob von Uexkull has earned the respect of global thinkers and activists across the globe for his unceasing commitment to a better world. Founder of the prestigious Right Livelihood Award (the “alternative Nobel Prize”), he has spent the last twenty-five years cultivating relationships with leaders and activists who share his desire to actively engage in guiding humanity through the complexities of 21st century life and beyond. To this end, Jakob is forging a planetary wisdom council called the World Future Council Initiative, envisioned as 100 wise elders, youth leaders, environmental activists, and government advisers. In this Voices talk, recorded at The Window in London, Jakob speaks about his work on the WFC Initiative and his vision for world-scale transformation in light of the urgent environmental and social issues we face today.

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