Roger Nelson

Science, Consciousness, and the Search for Reality


Consciousness researcher and experimental psychologist Roger Nelson describes himself as 100% skeptical and 100% open-minded. He is the director of the Global Consciousness Project, a collaboration that maintains a network of random-event generators (REGs) in laboratories around the world. These devices are designed to produce a statistically random stream of ones and zeros. Watching this data over time has revealed that in the wake of world events that generate widespread response in the human population, the random data suddenly becomes distinctly ordered, as if the unintended effect of human psychic energy is directly affecting the machinery itself.

In this conversation with WIE's Craig Hamilton, Nelson describes this and other fascinating research undertaken in the quest to make the imperceptible realm of human consciousness a visible, viable, scientific reality. In his own words, "What I hope is that this [work] can be one of the many small but important influences to teach people, to allow people to understand their interactive nature, their interdependence, and their potential and responsibility for evolving toward the next stage of humanity.”

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Recorded on: 12/16/2003


Collective Consciousness


Science, Consciousness, and the Search for Reality

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