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Craig Hamilton is a writer, broadcaster, speaker and workshop leader with a passion for the evolution of consciousness. He spent eight years on the award-winning editorial team of What Is Enlightenment?, and three as its managing editor. His feature articles and interviews helped to chart the landscape of an emerging evolutionary spirituality and contributed to the forging of a new, scientifically informed spiritual worldview bridging the great wisdom traditions of the East and the West.

Since Craig left What Is Enlightenment? in late 2005, he has been pursuing his interest in the evolution of consciousness and culture across a number of fronts. He speaks regularly at conferences and progressive churches about topics related to science and consciousness, collective intelligence, and evolutionary spirituality. He is a founding partner in a soon-to-be-launched global TV network which aims to bring today’s leading-edge new-paradigm thinking into the homes of millions of viewers worldwide. And he has recently begun work on his first book, exploring the relationship between mysticism and morality. He is also a veteran broadcaster whose in-depth interviews with leading luminaries are regularly heard by New Dimensions Radio’s seven million listeners, and form the basis of the forthcoming documentary film: Toward a Science of Consciousness.

An active player on sustainability issues, Craig has been the driving force behind the grassroots movement surrounding Low Carbon Diet, an easy-to-use carbon reduction guide, and the “Global Warming Café,” a workshop which uses the successful World Café model of large group dialogue to bring communities together in a heartfelt exploration of and response to the climate crisis.

Craig is a founding member of Ken Wilber's Integral Institute, and a participant in the Synthesis Dialogues, a 35-person interdisciplinary think tank presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

A 20-year spiritual practitioner, Craig spent over a decade living in Andrew Cohen’s spiritual community in Lenox, MA, and remains closely connected to Cohen’s teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment. Craig is a skilled workshop leader and insightful teacher whose vast mystical experience and understanding illuminates all of his work. He lives with his fiancée, Claire, in southern California where, in addition to offering courses and workshops, he is available for consulting and private coaching.

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