Otto Scharmer

Presence of the Future


Does a future potential exist, seeking to emerge, that is already part of you, that in fact depends on you, and that can be experienced by you right now? Yes, says this MIT researcher, and he coined the term “presencing” or “pre-sensing” to describe it. Increasing numbers of people, says Scharmer, are beginning to directly perceive our collective emerging future, and not just in rarified settings or during solitary meditation. People are having this mysterious and profound experience in everyday circumstances, social settings, in large groups, even while at work. More than that, Scharmer believes our collective capacity to literally pre-sense the future will help activate the latent potential within us to respond appropriately and wisely to the global, social, and environmental crises we now confront.

The depth of his research and personal passion for the work make this interview a rewarding journey to the place where theory meets practice. It is a must-listen for those with a serious interest in the emerging field of collective intelligence and its potential impact on the way we relate to our individual and collective existence.

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Recorded on: 12/18/2003


Collective Consciousness


Presence of the Future

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