Jonathan Granoff

The Power of Love

from The Parliament of the World's Religions


WIE sent its staff to Barcelona, Spain to attend the 2004 Parliament of the World's Religions. First held in 1893, this periodic gathering brings together thousands of religious leaders, teachers, activists, and scholars from every corner of the globe in a veritable explosion of dialogues, seminars, panel discussions, and presentations. WIE went to get the inside scoop on just what the future of the world's religions might be.

Author, attorney, and nuclear disarmament activist Jonathan Granoff speaks with WIE editor Carter Phipps about the future of the world's religions and their potential contribution to the shaping of moral and ethical standards at the national and international levels. Granoff is eloquent, erudite, and emanates a passionate personal conviction in the power of love to ultimately overcome all forces of division and conflict.

“I have a lot of confidence that the same higher power that put the destructive potential in the atom has also put the power of conscience, the power of wisdom, the power of love in many hearts. And if that power of mystery and love wants this world to survive, then I'm confident that it will.”

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