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Strength for Life


Is there a connection between inner development and physical training? Leading strength and fitness expert Shawn Phillips says there is. And his new book, Strength for Life, lays out an integral approach to training both the mind and the body that he believes can lead not only to perpetually vibrant health but also to a more awakened orientation toward all of life.

In this interview with EnlightenNext magazine’s Ross Robertson, Phillips outlines the sophisticated approach to inner and outer vitality that he’s developed over decades as a competitive bodybuilder, spiritual practitioner, and student of integral theory. One of the consistent themes throughout the book is an emphasis on bringing more consciousness to all aspects of our physicality, from nutrition to exercise. Phillips describes his innovative method of “focused intensity training,” which applies the mind-body insights of ancient traditions like yoga and the martial arts to more modern exercise regimes like strength and cardiovascular training. Finally, Phillips reveals what he believes is the most important secret to lifelong strength and ongoing physical transformation—turning one's practice into the fuel for a life lived in service to humanity.

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