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Fitness expert, business leader, innovator, and author Shawn Phillips has been helping athletes, celebrities, and tens of thousands of others achieve strong, healthy bodies for over two decades.

He began sharing his expertise on training, nutrition, and supplementation by helping his brother, Bill Phillips (author of the number-one New York Times bestseller Body for Life), write articles and develop programs that were featured in Bill's Muscle Media magazine.

Shawn has appeared on numerous magazine covers, and photos of his physique have been featured in over one hundred magazine articles over the past ten years. A widely published author on the topics of training, nutrition, and the performance mindset, his most recent book, ABSolution: The Practical Solution for Building Your Best Abs, was an instant health and fitness classic and number-one bestseller.

While best known to many for his signature “six-pack abs,” Shawn is better known by his family, close friends, and coworkers as a focused, hardworking, soft-spoken man with a kind heart and an intense passion for helping people achieve their life visions. Shawn lives in the foothills of Colorado with his wife Angie and their son Nathaniel.

Shawn is currently focused on helping people reach their full potential through a more integral version of physical training. He is also a founding member and supporter of The Great American Transformation, a nonprofit organization committed to transforming health and fitness levels in the United States from “worst to first by the year 2012.”

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