Daniel Burrus

Living in a World of Accelerating Change


Daniel Burrus has an uncanny eye for the future. As one of the world’s most accurate forecasters of up-and-coming technologies and an advisor to many Fortune 500 companies, he has an unusual ability to see what changes are on the horizon and how they will influence the way we live. In this week’s featured release for WIE Unbound, publisher Robert Heinzman and executive editor Carter Phipps speak with Burrus about how the technologies that are transforming the “exterior” world around us are exerting profound influences on our “interior” worlds of culture and consciousness—and how these interior dimensions of human life, in turn, are simultaneously shaping and molding the evolution of science and technology.

Beginning with an explanation of what he calls “drivers of change,” Burrus demystifies the characteristics and patterns of today’s emerging trends. He lays out a picture of a future that will bring revolutionary changes at an ever-accelerating rate, and he explains why it is so important to think and talk about what lies ahead. In the end, he says, it is our ability to develop our values, in tandem with the increasing sophistication and power of our technology, that will enable us to meet the future with confidence and clear-sightedness.

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Recorded on: 2/13/2008


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Living in a World of Accelerating Change

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