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The End of the World as We Know It?
WIE talks with futurist John Petersen about 2012, peak oil, and the future of our planet
Issue 37
Designing Utopia
All over the world, designers are becoming optimists, working together on new solutions to the planetís worst crises
Issue 32
Stranger Than Science Fiction
The World Future Society's annual conference takes a brave look at the culture of tomorrow
Issue 27
Postcards from the Galactic Edge
A few scientists are trying to determine how to teach extraterrestrials the ABCs of human culture
Issue 25
Eye on the Future

We know who you are: human scanners, memory reading, genetic engineering, and the coming loss of anonymity.

Issue 25
Faster Forward
Impressions of Our Emerging Future

From the far out to the close at hand, four futurists zoom out for a bird's eye view on the global changes we're experiencing now and can anticipate in the future—each outlining both the unprecedented challenges and mind-spinning opportunities humanity faces in the minutes and years to come

Issue 23
Visions of the Future
The Arlington Institute Looks at the World of Tomorrow

Surprising scenarios of promise and peril from John Petersen, founder of futurist think tank, the Arlington Institute.

Issue 23
I'm Optimistic

This Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist has a dazzling vision of a 2050 society and some bold ideas to get us there.

Issue 19
Has Heaven Died and Gone to Physics? or The Gospel According to Frank
A Book Review of Frank J. Tipler

A review of The Physics of Immortality, Frank J. Tipler's reductionist prophecy of an eternity far stranger than paradise.

Issue 11
Our Collective Awakening and the Politics of Consciousness

According to evolutionary activist Duane Elgin, the most vital determining factor in our collective awakening is not mystical experience . . . itís television.

Issue 25
Traditions on the Edge
Can the past meet the future?

Enter a multidimensional journey through history, cyberspace (and small-town America) as a broad spectrum of religious authorities takes on the burning question: How can the world's great traditions cope with the complexities of human life in the 21st century and beyond?

Issue 23
Toward Homo Noeticus

An evolutionary thinker gazes into the near future and sees the advent of a new kind of human being.

Issue 19