Bernard Haisch

Mysteries of the Universe: Talks with Physicists about Dark Matter and Dark Energy - Part Two


Science and spirituality are two sides of the same cosmic coin, proposes astrophysicist Bernard Haisch in his recently published book, The God Theory. Haisch, who once set his sights on becoming both a Catholic priest and a professional astronomer, is among the few scientists today who are willing to explore parallels between science and religion. And in our multi-part investigation of dark matter and dark energy, we were eager to include the perspective of a scientist like Haisch, whose openness to the realities of spirit and consciousness have led to some fascinating and unorthodox conclusions about the unsolved mysteries of cosmology.

According to most scientists, dark matter and dark energy comprise as much as 96% of the universe, yet we still don’t know what they are. In this interview with WIE editor Tom Huston, Haisch outlines his own understanding of these elusive quantities. Then, Haisch and Huston steer their conversation into an investigation of some of the most compelling questions that have occupied Haisch’s distinguished career—his theory that light creates space-time, his explorations of the relationship between the electromagnetic zero-point field and the organization of the universe, and his conviction that the universe is a product of conscious intelligence.

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Recorded on: 1/18/2008




Mysteries of the Universe: Talks with Physicists about Dark Matter and Dark Energy - Part Two

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