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Harnessing Group Intelligence


Occasionally we find interviews in our Unbound archives that are as fresh and pertinent today as when they were originally recorded. This gem from 2004 is a dialogue with international business consultant and entrepreneurial mastermind Joseph Jaworski, who spoke with WIE senior editor Elizabeth Debold about his work to foster enlightened business and creative leadership.

Jaworski’s career is the stuff legends are made of. He went from being a prominent Texan trial lawyer to a race-horse breeder, the founder of Generon Consulting and an oil refining company, and the visionary behind such ambitious ventures as the Global Leadership Initiative and the American Leadership Forum. Jaworski’s life blends a passion for tackling complex, global-scale challenges with an insistence on achieving practical results that dramatically alter the status quo.

In this engaging conversation, he describes a process by which a small group of committed individuals can harness their collective intention and operate as a single intelligence. Whether applied to eradicating childhood malnutrition in India or generating alliances among competitive companies, this technique enables individuals to tap into deeper levels of knowing for the benefit of a larger whole. He also speaks about his collaborations with other organizational development visionaries such as Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer, and he casts a seasoned eye on the future of business and its unique capacity to be a catalyst for worldwide transformation.

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Recorded on: 8/5/2004


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Harnessing Group Intelligence

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