Frank Zane

Living without Limits - Part Two


In the second segment of this two-part interview, WIE founder Andrew Cohen and world-champion bodybuilder Frank Zane continue their conversation about active aging and the art of self-mastery as they delve into the subtler dimensions of becoming a winner. Zane, who won every major international bodybuilding title, describes the mental training he uses to maintain his sixty-five-year-young body in peak condition.

Zane discusses his work with meditation, visualization, and dream yoga, including his efforts to develop his dream body in the same way he strengthens his physical body. He explains the influence of these mental and spiritual practices on improving his physique and on becoming a successful fitness trainer, science teacher, musician, and all around exemplar of vigorous creative living. He also goes into the importance of discipline, tenacity, and an open mind to achieving one’s goals. Together with Cohen, he illuminates that mysterious intersection between body, mind, and spirit in his personal quest to perfect all three.

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Recorded on: 10/24/2007


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Living without Limits - Part Two

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