Frank Zane

Living without Limits - Part One


What would it be like to get older without relinquishing your potential to continue developing? According to world-champion bodybuilder and expert on active aging Frank Zane, it’s an ongoing experiment in questioning every single one of your self-imposed limits—and then breaking them. As a three-time winner of the Mr. Olympia title in bodybuilding, Zane has always been admired for his well-proportioned body. Now, at age sixty-five, he is becoming a living example of a life dedicated to the quest for continuous self-improvement—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In this first segment of a two-part interview, WIE founder and editor-in-chief Andrew Cohen speaks with Zane about his focused pursuit of excellence in all his activities, from lifting weights to playing the harmonica. Zane describes how, as a teenager, his interest in bodybuilding and yoga instilled a passion for pushing into ever new levels of strength and stamina. He talks about his years as a competitor and explains why he always gave as much attention to training his mind as he did to improving his body. He also discusses the central role spiritual practice plays in his life and its influence on his enduring success as a bodybuilder and exemplar of a vigorous creative life.

Together Cohen and Zane explore the art of self-mastery in this conversation that lifts the lid on what it means to perfect body, mind, and spirit.

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Recorded on: 10/24/2007


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Living without Limits - Part One

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