Robert Lawrence Kuhn

A Universe Like No Other


Have you ever wondered why the universe exists? Or why it contains matter, energy, and light—not to mention intelligent life? Since his early teens, Robert Lawrence Kuhn has been searching for answers to these and other fundamental physical—as well as metaphysical—questions. A PhD scientist, successful businessperson, and author, Kuhn is also the creator and host of the PBS series Closer to Truth, a lively examination of the meaning and implications of state-of-the-art science.

In this exclusive interview with WIE's Tom Huston, Kuhn delves into the question of how our universe came into being—and explores what kind of universe ours may actually be. They discuss a broad range of possible theories, from the single universe model to the multitude of multiple universe theories to the assignment of nonphysical causes for the creation of the universe (i.e., God or other subtle forms of causality), and finally to the notion that all apparent existence is ultimately unreal and illusory. As Kuhn seeks to establish a rigorous, inclusive, and integral landscape, his “taxonomy of possible explanations” for why our universe exists intentionally excludes any specific bias. It is a compelling overview of the cutting edge of serious cosmological inquiry. For a detailed breakdown of Kuhn's collection of cosmic causes, you can download a PDF of his article Why This Universe?

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A Universe Like No Other

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