Joyce Kovelman

Gender Archetypes and the Evolution of Consciousness


Dr. Joyce Kovelman is an activist for evolutionary change at the level of human consciousness and culture. She holds PhDs in anatomy and psychology, has taught at the medical school of UCLA, and has extensive training in a wide range of spiritual belief systems and practices. In this interview with WIE's Elizabeth Debold, Dr. Kovelman delves into the world of Jungian archetypes, integral studies, cultural development, intelligent life in the universe, and the evolution of consciousness. Their conversation addresses common misinterpretations of gender archetypes like the divine feminine and the patriarchal father. Kovelman uses these ancient and profound expressions of our humanity, our “psychic DNA,” as a springboard for interpreting the past and, more importantly, for creating the future. She is driven by the passionate conviction that the human race is at a tipping point and that if we are to insure the successful, ongoing evolution of our greatest asset—our self-aware consciousness—we must be willing to step forward and create the future.

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