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The Divine Feminine, Unveiled
Will embracing woman-centered spirituality take us beyond patriarchy?
Issue 39
The Fire of Freedom
A brief (and slightly speculative) three-thousand-year history of women's spiritual uprisings and their impact on Western culture
Issue 37
Women, Enlightenment, and the Evolution of Culture
Andrew Cohen & Ken Wilber in dialogue
Issue 37
Integral Feminism
With Sofia Diaz, Diane Musho Hamilton, and Willow Pearson
Issue 37
A New Women’s Liberation
Four women from EnlightenNext share their experience of a radical evolutionary sisterhood
Issue 37
What Is Liberation for Women Today?
24 extraordinary women give their answers
Issue 37
Where Are the Women? Part III
Beyond the Divine Feminine
Issue 32
A Vision of Soul Consciousness
Dadi Janki describes how her teacher awakened her to the life Divine
Issue 31
Where Are the Women?

Noting the surprising absence of women at the leading edge of cultural change, Debold asks what happened to the revolution that women started in the last half of the 20th century—and calls women to once again aspire to transform the status quo.

Issue 29
The Reincarnation of Durga
Perhaps the Truest Story of Phoolan Devi, India's Bandit Queen
Issue 27
Women Who Sleep with Their Gurus ... and Why They Love It

There's a lot more to guru sex scandals than innocent victims fallen prey to unscrupulous teachers. Whether they're after wealth, security, social status, or enlightenment, women love men at the top, and they have for four million years.

Issue 26
Don't Ask Why--Just Do Something!

“I have such passion about what could be done!” A fiery Brooklyn-born guru and AIDS activist speaks out on suffering, detachment, and what it means to truly care.

Issue 19
Awakening to Total Revolution: Enlightenment and the World Crisis

“Spirituality is the seed, and social action is the fruit born of it,” writes Indian spiritual master and social activist Vimala Thakar in a compelling essay exploring the true meaning of wholeness.

Issue 19
No Man's Land

“I don't think about men. I really don't care about them. I'm concerned with women's capacities.” A former Christian theologian and one of the most original and radical feminist thinkers of our time dismisses any attempt to include men in a discussion of gender and spirituality.

Issue 16
Liberation Without a Face

A feminist activist and author interviews her male spiritual teacher about why women's liberation and spiritual liberation have nothing to do with each other.

Issue 16
What Is the Relationship Between Emptiness and Beautiful Nails?

Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo—the first Western woman to be recognized as a reincarnated Tibetan tulku—speaks candidly about gender and enlightenment, her relationship with her students and being a female teacher in a male-dominated tradition.

Issue 16
The Back of the Synagogue Is Not the Back of the Bus

Could it be that a patriarchal religion actually gives women more strength and confidence than the feminist movement? A discussion with two outspoken contemporary Orthodox Jewish women.

Issue 16
Taming Patriarchy
The Emergence of the Black Goddess

One of the world's foremost Jungian analysts explains why a mysterious feminine figure appearing in the dreams of contemporary men and women may hold the key to our planet's very survival.

Issue 16
Sally and Jade

“Once made, this love is made forever.” Two of Barry Long's former consorts tell us what it's like to be in relationship with a tantric master.

Issue 13
Memories of Anandamayi Ma
Two Articles
Issue 10
Daughter of the Goddess

An interview with a founder of the feminist spirituality movement.

Issue 10
Dancing on the Edge

A feminist speaks candidly about women and liberation.

Issue 10
Towards the Spiritual Liberation of Women
From the Editors
Issue 10
Mother of the Universe

An inquiry into the relationship between love and discrimination.

Issue 10
A Tragic Passion
Issue 10
The Challenge of Emptiness
Vimala Thakar on the Spiritual Emancipation of Women
Issue 10
Set Them on Fire!
A Portrait of a Modern Sage
Issue 10
Could Christ Have Been a Woman?

The late Trappist monk and teacher of centering prayer spoke passionately about realizing our innate divinity, which simultaneously transcends and celebrates gender.

Issue 16