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David Gershon, an internationally recognized authority on behavioral and large system change, is applying his innovative transformational techniques and vast organizational experience to bring the war against global warming right to your doorstep. His book, Low Carbon Diet, is both a personal how-to and a grass-roots organizing manual to help reduce our CO2 output and ultimately to become “carbon neutral.” In this interview with WIE's Carol Raphael, Gershon discusses in depth and detail his core understanding of behavioral change, and reveals his uniquely scalable techniques and methodologies for reducing greenhouse gases. Gershon's strategic guidelines for change are inclusive of personal, social, scientific, and political structures, and could provide the underpinnings of a conscious mass movement for environmental sustainability.

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David Gershon
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Carol Ann Raphael


Recorded on: 3/20/2007


Spiritual and Social Activism


Enlightened Social Action

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