Marc Gopin

A Morally Ambiguous Universe

Interview for "Is God a Pacifist?" in WIE's Aug-Oct 2004 issue


Is God a lover of peace above all else? Is it only human beings, in our unfathomable ignorance, who engage in violence? Are there instances when, in the name of a higher law, it is morally correct and even righteous, to use force in defense of the vulnerable? WIE Unbound invites you to enter into this great philosophical debate as editor Carter Phipps speaks with religious scholar and social activist Marc Gopin. Gopin's expansive knowledge of the texts and histories of the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) brings crucial insight and overview to this profound and relevant inquiry.

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Marc Gopin
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Recorded on: 4/20/2004


Political Conflict
Conflict Resolution
Future of Religious Traditions


A Morally Ambiguous Universe

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