Sonia Stojanovic

Transformation in the Marketplace


Sonia Stojanovic works with individuals and organizations in the design and implementation of transformational culture change. Featured in What Is Enlightenment? magazine's, “Can Big Business Save the World?” (issue #28), Stojanovic gained international recognition for employing her unique transformational skills to successfully guide the 20,000 employees of a large Australia-New Zealand banking group to a major breakthrough in both productivity and quality of work environment.

In this interview with WIE's Elizabeth Debold, Stojanovic speaks about what happened afterwards–the troubles she experienced trying to transform corporate culture in the U.S., and the successes she's had working in the Middle East, South America and Africa. As always, Stojanovic explains, the first step is tapping into the intrinsic longing for meaning and wholeness that all people have.

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Sonia Stojanovic
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Recorded on: 8/15/2006


Business And Spirituality


Transformation in the Marketplace

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