Deepak Chopra & Andrew Cohen

Courage. Creativity. Passion. Ecstasy.


On October 15, 2006, more than a thousand New Yorkers came together for an afternoon dedicated to exploring the new potentials that arise when human beings meet in the conscious commitment to create a better future.

The highlight of the event, hosted by the Coalition for One Voice, was the dialogue between Andrew Cohen, founder of What Is Enlightenment? magazine and pioneering teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment, and Deepak Chopra, the world-renowned mind-body thinker and founder of the Alliance for a New Humanity. In their first public dialogue together, the two spiritual luminaries called upon the entire assembly to embrace the challenge of the future and to become a force for enlightened transformation. In urging everyone to summon the requisite “courage, commitment, passion, and ecstasy,” their individual expressions of care and urgency for human potential became a powerful duet, a profound call to awaken—and evolve.

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