Dr. Anne Foerst

Gods and Humans and Androids, Oh My!


What will it be like to coexist alongside intelligent robots? What will be the differences—and similiarities—between us and them? How does the emerging potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence) impact the way we need to think about spirituality and, indeed, what it means to be a human being? These are the intriguing questions that Anne Foerst, research scientist and theologian, endeavored to answer while working with members of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as they sought to create a robotic analogue of a human infant. Join WIE's Igal Moria as he speaks with Foerst about the nature of consciousness, religion, immortality and how the quest to create humanoid robots will intensify the challenges and complexity facing human society in the years to come.

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Dr. Anne Foerst
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Igal Moria


Recorded on: 5/12/2006


Science and Spirituality


Gods and Humans and Androids, Oh My!

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