Thomas de Zengotita

Y - The Next Generation


Meet Gen-Y, the first generation to come of age in the new millennium. Some of the ingredients in their mix: one part over-romanticized-yet-still-revered 60s, one part cynicism due to repeated betrayal of public trust by public figures, one part innate urge to make a significant contribution anyway. Blend into a world containing more knowledge than it's possible to absorb and bake.

It might sound hard to swallow but that's how it is for this postmodern generation. They are bound by conflicting forces: wanting to believe yet fearful of being misled or betrayed; craving some kind of social upheaval through which they might play a part in history but frustrated by the lack of circumstances to exploit.

In this fresh, spontaneous, and genuine conversation, twenty-something editor Maura O'Connor and NYU professor Thomas de Zengotita unravel some of the causes behind the affects. As their inquiry deepens, new pathways to meaning and maturity for a whole generation begin to emerge.

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Recorded on: 12/18/2003


Gen X and Gen Y
Contemporary Spirituality
Postmodern Culture
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Y - The Next Generation

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