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Freedom and Choice in Pornutopia
Why Girls are Going Wild
Issue 37
Gaming for a Higher Cause
An emerging genre of video games puts social evolution in the palm of your hand
Issue 35
From MySpace to OurWorld
Zaadz.com is making spirituality and positive change integral to social networking on the web.
Issue 33
A 21st century love story
Part VI: Compassion vs. Kundalini

As Evan strives to awaken his kundalini on the banks of the holy Ganges, Ella discovers that Buddhism can make you happier—especially if there's a hot Tibetan guy involved.

Issue 29
A 21st century love story
Part V: India Strikes Back

Life sucks for Evan when Ella ditches him in Calcutta, but hers does too, once her meditation teacher decides to work more closely with her.

Issue 28
Are There Skate Parks in Heaven?
The Bible-zine for teens is here, but who's buying it?
Issue 26
A 21st Century Love Story
Part II of Evan & Ella

Humor and drama abound as our star-crossed duo, Evan McAllister and Ella Paris, confronts matters of depth, death, and stuff.

Issue 25
Vanguard Generation
An Ironic Army
Can two recent books about young people and spirituality—Dharma Punx and Red Moon Rising—help Gen Y overcome irony and apathy in order to save the world?

Issue 25
God is a DJ
Robbie Wootton has a vision for spiritual nightlife from NYC to Shanghai
Issue 24
A 21st Century Love Story
An email dialogue between Evan McAllister and Ella Paris
Issue 24
Would Jesus Embrace Postmodernism?
A burgeoning movement of evangelical Christians is breaking away from the fold
Issue 32
a 21st century love story
part III

When Ella sets off to India to help save the world, can Evan still bear being a Zen rebel without a cause?

Issue 26
Is College Good for the Soul?
Groundbreaking surveys track the higher power in higher education
Issue 26