EnlightenNext Magazine (formerly What Is Enlightenment?)
EnlightenNext is an award-winning quarterly magazine, founded by Andrew Cohen and published by EnlightenNext, that chronicles the emergence of a new consciousness, culture, and philosophical framework for twenty-first-century society. Through in-depth interviews, investigative reporting, cultural critique, satire, and reviews, EnlightenNext reaches across the disciplines to bring together leading minds who are grappling with the greatest challenges of our time.
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Books, DVDs, and CDs

Visit the store on for books, DVDs, and CD sets of Andrew Cohen's teachings of Evolutionary Enlightenment. CDs and DVDs feature recorded talks with Andrew and dialogues with other leading thinkers.

What is Enlightenment? Unbound

WIE Unbound is an internet broadcast service presenting weekly audios, videos, and downloadable MP3s from the spiritual pioneers, innovative philosophers, cutting-edge scientists, and visionary activists featured in the magazine.
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