Michael Beckwith & Andrew Cohen

Is God Evolving? A Conversation About the Creative Principle

A Voices from the Edge presentation in Lenox, MA


For millennia, the word “God” has conjured up images of an all-powerful mythic figure in the sky, in whose hands rest the souls and fates of humankind. But after thousands of years of looking heavenward for safety and salvation, could it be that the tables have finally turned and God is now looking to us?

In this intimate and unusually provocative dialogue, cofounder of the Association for Global New Thought Michael Beckwith and WIE founder Andrew Cohen boldly attempt to redefine the way we understand the divine creative principle in the 21st century. Going head-to-head and heart-to-heart, these two innovative spiritual leaders raise questions crucial to the next stage of human development and dare to articulate what the religion of tomorrow might look like. Their proposal: That the future of God—the energy and intelligence that created us—is now entirely in our hands, in no way separate from the evolution of our own consciousness. Join Cohen and Beckwith for an unforgettable journey to the emerging edge of a new 21st century spirituality.

WIE Unbound is pleased to present these video excerpts from the full length DVD of Michael and Andrew, entitled The Evolution of God.

You can purchase the full-length DVD of this dialogue from the WIE.org store.

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