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Robb Smith

Spreading the Integral  Worldview


In 1998, philosopher Ken Wilber brought together a global network of leading thinkers to found Integral Institute—a cutting-edge think tank dedicated to developing integral theory and applying it to a diverse range of fields, from business and politics to psychology and spirituality. Since that time, thanks in large part to the Institute’s efforts, many people have been turned on to this rich and subtle worldview that radically transforms the way we relate to just about every aspect of human life. But the integral worldview is still held by only one to two percent of adults in the U.S. and Western Europe, and many believe that the next step for integral is to reach a much larger, more mainstream population.

In this interview, WIE’s Joel Pitney talks with Integral Institute CEO Robb Smith about the challenges of bringing the integral worldview to a wider audience. Describing the Institute’s latest strategic direction, Smith says plans are in the works to create a major “integral endowment” that will fund new research to apply the integral model within specific disciplines such as medicine, international development, and ecology. In addition, he introduces the Institute’s new cultural arm, Integral Life, an online community Smith hopes will become the “go-to place” for anyone interested in exploring and developing their own integral consciousness.

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