Corrado Rustici

Integral Music and the Hierarchy of Spirit


Corrado Rustici is a pioneering guitarist in both progressive and fusion rock. He has performed with a range of artists, from Whitney Houston to Miles Davis to Zakir Hussein, and has acted as producer for some of the best selling musicians of all time, including Eric Clapton, Sinead O'Connor, Luciano Pavaroti, and Andrea Bocelli. In this exclusive Unbound interview with WIE founder (and fellow musician) Andrew Cohen, Corrado speaks about his past, his path, the nature of the creative heart, mind, and soul, and what he thinks integral music is—and could be. Their conversation proceeds with a natural ease and clarity, from the biographical to the philosophical and spiritual, interrupted only by music—with featured selections from Corrado's new album, Deconstruction of a Postmodern Musician, interspersed throughout. They close with a discussion of the ever-perplexing question of why some great artists can exemplify the highest attainments in their creative life yet in their personal life express something quite different, and why sometimes, in that rare confluence of God-given talent and personal character, an artist seeks to be aligned and unified, in thought and deed, with the infinite source of their creativity.

“A musician is, like everything else, a whole/part manifestation of the human cultural and spiritual place in this universe of context within context. He is also in the unusual position of being able to operate at many different levels of the Universal hierarchy. The Holonic musician—within the hierarchy of Spirit.”

Corrado Rustici

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Corrado Rustici
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Recorded on: 7/26/2007


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Integral Music and the Hierarchy of Spirit

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