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Enlightenment Psychology

Since East first met West, the profound differences between an agrarian, cyclical worldview and an information age evolutionary one have spawned vast amounts of creative debate and produced a multitude of unique and sometimes potent hybrids. One such creation is the PsychoNoetics of Dr. Jeff Eisen. A PhD Psychologist and self-described enlightenment therapist, Eisen has integrated the eastern ideal of enlightenment and the western notion of progressive development into this powerful therapeutic application. In his book, Oneness Perceived, Eisen describes a unified field of existence where the realization of ultimate oneness remains firmly rooted in the reality—and complexity—of time and space, cause and effect. In this conversation with WIE contributing editor Jeff Carreira, Eisen discusses his evolutionary approach to enlightenment as well as his enlightened approach to psychology. He articulates an emerging new worldview, and integral platform, on which being and becoming can coexist as complementary aspects of a common reality at the leading edge of human consciousness.

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Recorded on: 6/18/2007


Transpersonal Psychology
Psychology of Ego
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Enlightenment Psychology

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