Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Future Feminine


Is sex evolving? Barbara Marx Hubbard, renowned “evolutionary visionary,” and author of Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential, speaks with WIE's Elizabeth Debold about the emerging new potentials of an evolving human sexuality.

According to Hubbard, as we age and as the physical urge to procreate diminishes, a window of profound spiritual affirmation opens. For women especially, Hubbard believes, this stage in life offers profound possibilities for the discovery and exploration of untapped freedom, creativity, and spiritual development. She calls this new phase of life “regenopause,” and defines it as “a pause in the life cycle of the older woman when the possibility of remaking herself by choosing from her deepest impulse becomes evident.” Hubbard believes that this phase of life reveals a new creative function for sexual energy as we evolve beyond the primal mandate to procreate. She assigns this new potential to both men and women equally, and from her own personal exploration and experience, describes it as the most ennobling, vital, and creative engagement available to any human being. For Hubbard, the future of humanity looks bright indeed, for as we live longer lives, our shared capacity to engage in this transcendent co-creative potential should only increase.

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Recorded on: 12/5/2006


Sex and Spirituality


The Future Feminine

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