Christopher Cooke

Learning to Surf the Open Wave


In this conversation with international whole-systems consultant and Global Spiral Dynamics Group member Christopher Cooke, WIE's Elizabeth Debold explores the leading edges of applied integral theory and spiral dynamics, and discusses the emergence of new thought-forms, new language, and new metaphors for the future. Cooke's work with individuals and organizations is infused with his humanistic and profoundly positive outlook on the fate of intelligent life in our universe. He passionately employs multiple theoretical and practical frameworks to promote what he calls Cosmic Dynamics, the individual and collective development, up to and beyond the species level, of all intelligent life. Cooke feels we are on the cusp of developing new thought-forms that will allow development beyond the confines of our species and our planet, as the evolutionary motion of intelligent consciousness in the universe expands beyond the confines of our planetary minds. A hands-on facilitator first and foremost, Cooke conveys with warmth, intelligence, and passion the true depth of his message far beyond the theoretical framework it squarely rests upon.

*The Open Wave describes that phase in which the full self-organizing capabilities of nature are in full flight—when resonance, coherence, and alignment may lead to the emergence of new life or new thought-forms.

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Recorded on: 12/10/2006


Spiral Dynamics


Learning to Surf the Open Wave

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