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Speaking with Animals


Does a dog have Buddha nature? According to the original Zen story, no—but don't try telling that to Penelope Smith. This professional animal communicator, healer, author, and teacher insists that all earth's creatures are imbued with the same vibrant consciousness we humans hold so dear, and that animals are as capable of subtle communication—albeit of the nonverbal kind—as any of us. The key: interspecies telepathic communication. If it sounds far fetched, the foundation of Smith's work is actually as simple as the root definition of the word telepathy: feeling over a distance. And to hear her tell it, there's plenty of conscious creatures out there worth paying careful attention to. In fact, Smith believes that telepathic communication with other species is an essential step in developing our own empathy beyond its current, often dismal, state. We can't argue that being more deeply in touch with the entire web of life wouldn't help create a firmer basis for treating all of life, our planet, and each other with greater care, concern, and sympathy. WIE's Ross Robertson interviewed Smith from her home in Point Reyes, California.

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Recorded on: 10/3/2005


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Speaking with Animals

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