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Way of the Peaceful Warrior


Danny Goes To Hollywood? That's right, Dan Millman's classic spiritual saga, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, is now a major motion picture, starring Nick Nolte, Mark Mechlowicz, and Amy Smart. In our exclusive WIE interview Carter Phipps speaks with author Dan Millman about why bringing the remarkable story of Socrates (part gas station attendant and part spiritual teacher) and his brash young gymnast protégé to the silver screen is so significant.

Millman hopes that the film will help fulfill the unspoken yearning for transcendent wisdom that he believes exists just at the edges of mainstream culture today. And indeed, Way of the Peaceful Warrior powerfully conveys complex spiritual themes such as the battle with ego, the nature of the student-teacher relationship, and even the experience of heightened states of consciousness—in a believable and authentic manner.

Join Phipps and Millman as they discuss the movie that we hope will be the first of many successful examples of “personal growth cinema”—guaranteed to enrapture spiritual seekers and movie lovers alike.

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Recorded on: 6/16/2006

Way of the Peaceful Warrior

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