Carter Phipps

Death, Rebirth, and Everything In Between

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With everyone and her mother claiming to have been Cleopatra in a past life, the New Age has given reincarnation a bad name. But what if there were scientific evidence to support this ancient belief?

In this Voices From the Edge presentation, WIE senior editor Carter Phipps presents the amazing stories and compelling data that formed the basis of his feature article “Death, Rebirth, and Everything In Between,” published in What Is Enlightenment? magazine. From university researchers to out-of-body travelers to near-death experiencers to afterlife philosophers to professional psychics to paranormal skeptics, Phipps explores the question of what happens to all of us when the physical body has given up the ghost.

The questions he reveals—and the conclusions he comes to—might shock you, surprise you, or enlighten you, but they will certainly change forever the way you think about life and the mystery of what comes next.

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Recorded on: 5/11/2006


Reincarnation and the Afterlife


Death, Rebirth, and Everything In Between

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