Robert Wright

Fundamentalism vs. Modernity: A Worldcentric Perspective


Robert Wright, evolutionary philosopher and contributing editor at The New Republic, Time, and, is also a regular contributor to WIE Unbound. In this conversation with Carter Phipps, Wright looks at the growing phenomenon of political and religious fundamentalism as a direct reaction to the global spread of progressive ideologies.

Given civilization's inexorable forward motion, identifying and implementing creative strategies to decrease potentially crippling polarization is essential. But actually bridging this gap between the world's postmodern and premodern cultures is no small challenge. Undaunted, Wright and Phipps pursue solutions to a few of the more pressing issues we face today:

  • Can a truly postmodern (that is, non-mythological) religion develop without directly threatening God-based beliefs and traditional theologies?
  • Is it possible for progressive, pluralistic, social ideologies and attitudes to spread without upending tribal and traditional cultures?
  • When will theology fully embrace the scientific, evolutionary perspective and when will materialists show more humility in the face of the metaphysical?
  • As if saving the planet weren't enough, Part 2 of this Unbound audio features Phipps getting serious about the presidential race in 2008, with Wright weighing in on a few favorite positions and players.

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