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The Future of Religion

Can the world’s great religions meet the challenges of the twenty-first century?

As the world evolves, as knowledge grows, and as life conditions change, we change. For religion to remain relevant and effective as a source of spiritual guidance and support for billions of people, it too must change.

But today, the world’s great religions find themselves at a critical juncture. Adhering to values and beliefs that are often thousands of years old, they are finding it increasingly difficult to provide the spiritual guidance and moral authority necessary to face the challenges of modern society. So the question is: Can the great religious traditions of the world reinvent themselves in order to address the needs and hopes of a complex, materialistic, and increasingly secular twenty-first-century world? We like to think they can …

  • Hear from living saints as they transmit both the ageless dharma and an enlightened vision for the future.
  • Take a transformative journey to the leading edge of a new 21st-century spirituality where the individual, the mythical God, and consciousness itself merge into one.
  • Discover the most progressive—and evolutionary—views on religion, including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
  • Consider a vision of the future where care for the planet and its people tops the agendas of the world’s great religions.

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Future of Religion

What Is Enlightenment? is a valuable tool in this new age of the third millennium, in which the process of awakening seems to be accelerating for a large number of people. Opening up the important issues of our time related to the spiritual life, it has a way of going to the heart of the matter. Brother Wayne Teasdale, Ph.D.
Cofounder, Synthesis Dialogues

Can the World’s Great Religions Evolve?

Some of the world’s leading religious and spiritual visionaries speak about the possibilities and potential for religion’s role in an enlightened future.

Can Religion Save Us?

Huston Smith

Read why one of the most revered scholars of world religion thinks that, in the face of apocalyptic times, our future salvation may be out of this world.

Exploring the Future of Religion

Ken Wilber & Andrew Cohen

What would “spirituality appropriate” to our rapidly evolving times look like? Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen consider new religious structures and the potential they have for bringing people together in a context that transcends the individual.

Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?

Huston Smith

“In Descartes's fall, we sinned all.” A world-famous religious scholar and spiritual practitioner critiques science's overreach of its rightful grasp.

Envisioning the Religion of the Future

Encounter some of the most dedicated religious scholars and interfaith activists, representing progressive Christianity, Jewish Renewal, Liberal Islam, and Modern Hinduism. These spiritual pioneers speak passionately about religion’s untapped potential to contribute—and even lead—our spiritual and cultural evolution.