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“A conversation like this one may never have happened anywhere before.”
—Holly M., New York

“These two men with very different backgrounds and spiritual journeys seem to have found each other at a pivotal time.”
—Eleanor H.,
  London, UK

“Took my old ideas about God and religion and freed them up.”
—Seth C., Arizona

What if the future of God, which means the evolution of our own species, literally depended on us as individuals in real time? If it really did, would we continue to live our lives in the way that we’re living them?

—Andrew Cohen

Is the Nature of God Evolving?
In this intimate and unusually provocative dialogue, spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and New Thought minister Michael Beckwith contemplate the future of religion and boldly attempt to outline a completely contemporary definition of God.

Discover a New Spirituality for the 21st Century
Going head-to-head and heart-to-heart, these two innovative spiritual leaders raise questions crucial to the next stage of human development and dare to articulate what the religion of tomorrow might look like. Their proposal: that the future of God—the energy and intelligence that created us—is now entirely in our hands, in no way separate from the evolution of our own consciousness.

This Revolutionary Perspective Will Help You:

  • Awaken to the evolutionary purpose of human life
  • Explore a deeply life-affirming relationship to the notion of “God”
  • Discover the courage and conviction to actively shape the future
  • Align yourself with the creative process that drives the universe

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Andrew Cohen is an American spiritual teacher widely recognized for his original contribution to the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality. He is the founder of What Is Enlightenment? magazine and the author of Living Enlightenment: A Call for Evolution Beyond Ego.

Michael Beckwith, spiritual leader of Agape Church in Los Angeles and cofounder of the Association for Global New Thought, is tirelessly devoted to his vision of one human family united in peace and dedicated to authentic spiritual transformation and selfless service.