The Evolution of God

exploring the religion of the future

Andrew Cohen and Michael Beckwith

What if the future of God, which means the evolution of our own species, literally depended on us as individuals in real time? If it really did, would we continue to live our lives in the way that we’re living them?

—Andrew Cohen

The religion of the future is the religion of creativity. When you are consciously in alignment with the timeless dimension of reality, or God, then God gets to take new shape through you.

—Michael Beckwith

When Andrew Cohen and Michael Beckwith first met at the 2004 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Barcelona, Spain, they felt an immediate kinship for each other in the recognition of their common passion for evolutionary transformation. It would be almost a year before they met again, and their much-anticipated reunion, recorded here, was marked by the very same spirit of brotherly camaraderie. Filmed live at EnlightenNext International Center in Lenox, Massachusetts, this dialogue is a rare opportunity to hear two fiercely independent contemporary teachers reflecting openly together on the nature of God and the profound challenge of evolving consciousness.

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