Evan & Ella: A 21st Century Love Story


Evan and Ella have been reported missing! Read the news report and get the full scoop. Click here.


Read the captivating final emails we received from Evan and Ella before their mysterious disappearance amidst the frigid peaks of the Himalayan range... Click here.


“You're right. My whole life has been a lie. I'm a loser, a phony, an unenlightened asshole forever lost in the surf of samsara...”
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Evan: Are you there god? It's me, Evan.
‘God’ has entered the chatroom.
God: I'm everywhere, Evan. Always.
Evan: Straight up, dude.
God: Indeed.”
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“There is a sense of peace here, like nothing I've ever experienced. Who would have thought emotions such as these were possible in the midst of so much chaos and insanity?”
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“Jacob had me visit a past-life regressionist over on Mission St. I was pretty skeptical since even the Dalai Lama has said that he can't remember his past lives, but...”
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“My need to take so many showers since I got here is a consequence of your having abandoned me, and that's the soul's way of speaking to me...”
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“I’m too afraid to meditate, so I just sit in my room all day, feeling scared and confused. I've tried calling my therapist, but he refuses to speak with me ever since my mom stopped paying him...”
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Part 1: In Stereo

Go on an auditory journey through revelation, adversity, and fluctuating hormones as Evan & Ella confront the ennui and ecstasy of their twenty-something lives. Listen!

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