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Issue 46  /  Spring-Summer 2010
Quantum Dreams. . .
and Other Strange Things
Have scientists finally solved the mystery of consciousness?
Featuring: Stuart Hameroff, Marilyn Schlitz, Michael Grosso, Henry Stapp, Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, and Robert J. Sawyer. Plus: Gary Lachman on the extraordinary life of integral theorist Jean Gebser; a profile of evolutionary author Michael Wombacher; Ross Robertson on the new environmental revolution; an interview with The Future of God author Robert Wright; and more.

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table of contents
Andrew Cohen
Letter from Founder and Editor in Chief

Andrew Cohen

Finding spirit
Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time

Interview with Stuart Hameroff

The inside story of how a world-renowned consciousness researcher teamed up with an Oxford physicist to uncover what may be traces of the sacred buried deep within the quantum-mechanical latticework of the brain.

Plus: Science-fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer’s thoughts
on the nature of God.

by Tom Huston with Joel Pitney

Jean Gebser
Jean Gebser: Cartographer of Consciousness

Take a ride through the adventurous life of a German poet, linguist, mystic, and philosopher who hung out with Picasso and Jung, fought in the Spanish Civil War, escaped the Nazis twice, and through a lightning-like insight in 1931, uncovered the next stage in human consciousness.

by Gary Lachman

Psychic research
Field Work at the Frontier of Consciousness

Interview with Marilyn Schlitz

From the cutting edge of psychic research, the president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences explains how she and her team of “renegade scientists” are using the straight-edged tools of science to capture the mysterious connection between consciousness and the material world.

by Elizabeth Debold

Intuitions of the Beyond
Intuitions of the Beyond

Interview with Michael Grosso

Is there life after death? And can science prove it? Driven by these questions for decades, “survival” researcher Michael Grosso may be the world’s leading expert on the surprising data—and fascinating implications—of the scientific search for the afterlife.

by Carter Phipps

Irreducible Mind
Irreducible Mind

Interview with Henry Stapp

In this passionate attack against the prevailing assumptions of scientific materialism that still govern our age, a respected physicist explains how quantum mechanics revealed eighty years ago that the mind is more than the brain, and the rest of the world has yet to catch up.

by Ross Robertson

Vertical vs. Horizontal


Vertical vs. Horizontal Development

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber

What does it really mean to consciously evolve? In their twenty-fifth dialogue, spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and integral philosopher Ken Wilber discuss the dynamics of transformation, the mystery of creative emergence, and how best to avoid wasting one’s life.

Richard F. Schaden
From the Editors’ Blog
Special Sponsorship Section: Beyond the Edge
Singularity is near
PULSE: News from an emerging culture

Reality TV gets spiritualized; the top ten spiritual iPhone apps; Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Discipline; Salman Ahmad’s Rock and Roll Jihad; Michael Beckwith, Jane Fonda, Dan Millman, and others explain what meditation means to them; a brief review by integral philosopher Steve McIntosh; the world’s religions duke it out for global supremacy; and more.

Carter Phipps
The World of EnlightenNext

An Important Message about the Future of EnlightenNext magazine: Q&A with Executive Editor Carter Phipps

A New Perspective on Climate Change
Catching up with EnlightenNext’s heretical environmentalist Ross Robertson on the 2009 UN climate conference.

Inspired by EnlightenNext
Featuring Michael Wombacher, author of 11 Days at the Edge: One Man’s Spiritual Journey into Evolutionary Enlightenment.

Robert Wright
Speaking of Books

With Robert Wright, author of The Evolution of God.

by Elizabeth Debold


Evolutionary Enlightenment
Radical Indeterminacy

by Andrew Cohen