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Issue 37 Cover
Issue 37  /  July–September 2007
A Cultural, Philosophical, and Spiritual Exploration

In the nineteenth century there were the suffragists. In the 1960s there were the feminists. But what does women’s liberation mean today? Where is women’s evolutionary edge? WIE searches for the answers to these questions in a provocative engagement with the historical, social, and spiritual dimensions of transforming women’s consciousness.

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Andrew Cohen

What Is Liberation for Women Today?

WIE poses this question to twenty-four extraordinary women. Featuring Gloria Steinem, Ariel Levy, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Eve Ensler, Amina Wadud, Kay Hymowitz, Amy Richards, Ma Jaya Bhagavati, Tenzin Palmo, and many others.

Interviews by Jessica Roemischer

The Fire of Freedom

Could women be the secret drivers of history? In this brief blast through three thousand years, a feminist theorist considers how women’s impulse toward spiritual and social freedom has sparked cultural change in the West.

by Elizabeth Debold

Freedom and Choice in Pornutopia:
Why Girls are Going Wild

Is the popularity of trash princesses Paris Hilton and Britney Spears an ironic consequence of feminism? A Gen-Y writer questions whether boomers’ hard-won freedoms are now young women’s bondage.

by Maura R. O’Connor

Grannies Gone Wild?

Two Experiments in Culture Change

A two-part profile of the spiritual feminists from Integral Institute and EnlightenNext. Though their approaches differ, these two groups share a fierce passion for liberating women from the past in order to create an enlightened future.

Integral Feminism

Introduction by Elizabeth Debold

A New Women’s Liberation

Introduction and interview by Maura R. O’Connor

Ten Challenges of a Liberated Woman



Women, Enlightenment,
and the Evolution of Culture

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber

What does it take for women to evolve beyond ego? Is enlightenment simply easier for men to relate to? Leaving political correctness aside, spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and integral philosopher Ken Wilber delve into the female psyche to explore the possibility of a new women’s liberation movement.


The Scariest Good Guy You’ll Ever Meet

Meet Sir Edward Artis, a rogue knight braving the world’s most dangerous war zones and natural disasters to deliver food, medicine, and supplies to those in desperate need.

by Carol Ann Raphael

PULSE: the buzz on global leaders, thinkers, teachers, and mystics

The universe awakens in fifteen minutes of film; a movement for Good; rock icon Lou Reed on music and meditation; dodos at loggerheads in the evolution vs. intelligent design debate; and more.

Can Darwin Save Dartmouth from Derrida?

Evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson has an ambitious plan to salvage the integrity of higher education—but will it sacrifice the humanities to scientific materialism?

by Ross Robertson

The End of the World As We Know It?

WIE talks with futurist John Petersen about 2012, peak oil, and the future of our planet.

Interview by Maura R. O’Connor

Diving into Electric Gold with David Lynch

A conversation about meditation, enlightened filmmaking, and the secret of his creativity.

Interview by Maura R. O’Connor

Diet to Save a Planet

Slim down your carbon footprint with change expert David Gershon’s practical regime.

Interview by Carol Ann Raphael

What Ever Happened to Truth?

by Carter Phipps

Berry Juice: The Elixir of Life

by Peter Ragnar

Our Future Needs You!

by Andrew Cohen