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Issue 33 Cover
Issue 33  /  June–August 2006
God's Next Move
Exploring the Next Spiritual Revolution

Is traditional religion relevant to the postmodern world? WIE explores the groundbreaking work of integral philosopher Ken Wilber, whose latest book sheds a revealing light on the past, present, and future of human spirituality. Featuring Ken Wilber, James Gardner, Peter Ragnar, Cynthia Bourgeault, and more.

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Andrew Cohen

The Birth of an Integral Spirituality

This autumn, American philosopher Ken Wilber will release Integral Spirituality, a book whose aim is to completely transform the way the world sees the spiritual dimension of life. WIE takes an exclusive look between the covers of this ambitious project and examines the extraordinary work of a man with a vision big enough to encompass the whole Kosmos.

Part 1:

A Philosopher of Everything

An introduction to the work of the individual who many feel is redefining philosophy for the twenty-first century—and revolutionizing nearly every other field of knowledge in the process.

by Carter Phipps

Part 2: The Guru and the Pandit

God’s Playing a New Game

In this illuminating dialogue, WIE founder Andrew Cohen’s twenty years of experience as a spiritual teacher provides a dynamic counterpoint to Ken Wilber’s comprehensive integral theory. The result is far more than an exchange of ideas, as “guru and pandit” bring their rigorous inquiry and spiritual passion to a lively exploration of Wilber’s new manifesto.

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber

Part 3:

Even Great Philosophers Can Be Misunderstood

The Top 5 Misconceptions about Ken Wilber

by Jana Espiritu Santo and Eliot Bissey

Part 4:

Kosmic Questions

Ken on the hot seat: our favorite integral prophet gets quizzed by the editors of WIE.

Beyond Limits
Big Wave Surfing

Tales from the “Unridden Realm”

Could extreme sports hold the key to higher consciousness? A surprising look at what some legends of big wave surfing report after riding the most terrifying waves in the world.

by Maura R. O’Connor

Good News in TV Land

Two upstart cable channels are offering an intelligent alternative to television’s mindless barrage.

by Maura R. O’Connor

Watching Silence

A film in which nothing much happens is packing movie houses.

by Carol Ann Raphael

Why Recycle if the Rapture Is Near?

Rev. Jim Ball is convincing his evangelical peers that environmentalism is the Christian thing to do.

by Maura R. O’Connor

From MySpace to OurWorld is making spirituality and positive change integral to social networking on the web.

by Maura R. OConnor

PULSE: Catching the buzz from global leaders, thinkers, teachers, and mystics

Godcasting; Islam gets pluralism; Chopra’s big Buddha movie; the temple of baseball; a gathering of one million meditators; and more . . .

by Igal Moria

PULPIT: The Paradise We Seek

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault on the Christian path to ego death and the discovery of the true self.

James Gardner
A New Dawn for Cosmology

Presenting his unique vision of cosmic coincidences, superhuman intelligence, and baby universes, science writer Gardner spins a celestial tale, arguing that human life may be a crucial and necessary step in the evolving architecture of our amazing cosmos.

Interview by Carter Phipps

Natural Selection

Reviews of books, film, and other media

Enlightenment for the 21st Century

Divine Intervention

by Andrew Cohen