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Issue 26 Cover
Issue 26  /  August–October 2004
Is God a Pacifist?
Is God a pacifist? This issue questions commonly held notions about spirituality, pacifism, and nonviolence, and explores the relationship between our deepest spiritual principles and the politics of an evolving global society.
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Is God a Pacifist?

Is peace the answer to a world in chaos? Against the backdrop of 9/11 and Iraq, WIE asks the hard questions about just wars and religious violence, and explores the relationship between our deepest spiritual principles and the politics of an evolving global society.

Carter Phipps

  The God I Believe In
Mario Cuomo on pacifism, faith, and Teilhard de Chardin
  The Moral Dilemma of Pacifism in a World of War
An interview with David Rieff
Women Who Sleep With Their Gurus . . . and Why They Love It
There's a lot more to guru sex scandals than innocent victims fallen prey to unscrupulous teachers. Whether they're after wealth, security, social status, or enlightenment, women love men at the top, and they have for four million years.

Jessica Roemischer

Indiana Diddy-Dogg and the Ark of Empty-Vee
A critical analysis of the culture of MTV, by a Martian archaeologist from the future.

Tom Huston
Illustration by Chris Lie
The Guru and the Pandit
Conflict, Creativity, and the Nature of God

In their latest dialogue, Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen challenge some of our most fundamental spiritual beliefs as they come to grips with war and peace, creation and destruction, and the unconstrained force of evolution itself.
Beyond Limits
Finding Freedom in Captivity

Held hostage for five years in Lebanon, John McCarthy shares how a spiritual experience and a rare friendship turned a hellish ordeal into a transformative odyssey.

Pete Bampton
Not Just a Movie Review

The Tarantinian Way

Thomas de Zengotita

sky to street
New Age Wake-up Call
Politics makes a splash at Omega Institute's latest conference.

Ross Robertson
Is College Good for the Soul?
Groundbreaking surveys track the higher power in higher education.

Maura R. O'Connor
Customize Your Meditation
Choose your own stress-reducing adventure at 35,000 ft.

Tom Huston
Are There Skate Parks in Heaven?
The Bible-zine for teens is here, but who's buying it?

Maura R. O'Connor
The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime?
Five spiritual teachers tell us why.

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Jan Chozen Bays Roshi  ·  Sheikh Tosun Bayrak ·  Father Basil Pennington  ·  David Frawley

Jessica Roemischer
Will Spring and Summer No Longer Come?
The future demands a new worldview.
An interview with Ervin Laszlo.

Elizabeth A. Debold
Looking Back to the Beginning
The Ultra Deep Field: a picture worth ten thousand galaxies.

Ann Druyan  ·  Neil deGrasse Tyson
James Gardner  ·  Brian Swimme

Tom Huston
News and gossip from an emerging culture

voices from the edge
The Globalization of Morality
Robert Wright explores the challenges of terrorism and the evolution of human ethics.

Carter Phipps
Tearing Pages From the Bible
Why environmental destruction is an offense against God.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Natural Selection
Books, film, and other media
A 21st Century Love Story, Part III
When Ella sets off to India to help save the world, can Evan still bear being a Zen rebel without a cause?