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Issue 10 Cover
Issue 10  /  Fall–Winter 1996
Women, Enlightenment And The Divine Mother
Do Women Have the Inside Track on Spirituality?
Do women have an inherent advantage in the pursuit of spiritual awakening? This issue presents an in-depth look at women's spirituality in its many forms. Includes interviews with J. Krishnamurti's successor, Vimala Thakar; founder of the feminist spirituality movement, Z. Budapest.

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table of contents


From the Editors
Towards the Spiritual Liberation of Women

Andrew Cohen
Liberation Without a Face Is Total Revolution
An essay on liberation beyond gender

Elizabeth Debold
Dancing on the Edge
A Feminist speaks Candidly about Women and Liberation
Interview by Simeon Alev

Vimala Thakar
Two Conversations with an
Extraordinary Woman

The Challenge of Emptiness:
Vimala Thakar on the Spiritual
Emancipation of Women

Interview by Shanti Adams

"Set Them on Fire!"
A Portrait of a Modern Sage

Interview by Chris Parish

George Feuerstein on Mother Meera
The Divine Mother
A Philosophical and Personal Quest

Memories of Anandamayi Ma

The Embodiment of Transcendence
by Arnaud Desjardins

A Tragic Passion
by Daniel Roumanoff

Andrew Cohen
Mother of the Universe
An inquiry into the relationship between love and discrimination

Z. Budapest
Daughter of the Goddess
An interview with a founder of the feminist spirituality movement
interview by Susan Bridle