Enlightenment for the 21st Century

Articles by What Is Enlightenment? founder Andrew Cohen

Our Future Needs You!
Issue 37 / July–September 2007
Are we, the children of postmodernity, willing to make the heroic effort, here and now, to rise above our biggest obstacle to creating the future together at the leading edge—our cultural narcissism and self-concern?
How a New World Is Born
Issue 36 / April–June 2007
The real challenge of enlightenment is egoless engagement in an intersubjective, creative context.
Divine Intervention
Issue 33 / June–August 2006
If we're serious about creating a better future for us all, then we have to face the fact that the only way it's going to happen is the only way it's ever happened: through the evolution of consciousness itself...
The Only Solid Ground in the Universe
Issue 32 / March–May 2006
In the almost twenty years that I've been a spiritual teacher, I've learned an enormous amount about the nature of the human soul. Initially this was not a subject I thought much about...
Good Old-Fashioned Virtues for a New World
Issue 31 / December 2005–February 2006
Slowly but surely, most Western spiritual teachers, masters, and gurus have concluded not only that it's not really possible to transcend ego but also, even more significantly, that any serious aspiration to do so is foolhardy...
The Eternal Declaration
Issue 30 / September–November 2005
The definition of the bodhisattva vow needs to be updated so that it is in alignment with the emerging cosmic perspective...
We, the Unbelievers . . .
Issue 29 / June–August 2005
When it comes to consciousness—especially our own—I have discovered that our conviction in the evolutionary process is often nowhere to be found...
Authentic Leadership
Issue 28 / October–December 2004
It is indeed a remarkable fact that now, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, excecutives and business leaders are beginning to look to the perennial spiritual truth of Oneness...
A New Spiritual Canon
Issue 27 / October–December 2004
When the spiritual impulse expresses itself in a secular world, all the rules change...
The Higher We
Issue 26 / August–October 2004
Ego is a very big problem. In fact ego is the only problem...
The New Enlightenment
Issue 25 / May–July 2004
Although most people don’t know it yet, the age of personal or merely individual enlightenment is over...
Cosmic Conscience
Issue 24 / February–April 2004
What is the moral context for the human experience at the beginning of the twenty-first century?
From the Many to the ONE
Issue 23 / Spring–Summer 2003
“I think sages are the growing tip of the secret impulse of evolution,” writes Ken Wilber in his book A Brief History of Everything...
Are you ready to CHANGE now?
Issue 22 / Fall–Winter 2002
Everybody want to get enlightened but nobody wants to change...